Nevada Government

The Nevada government is a republican form of government with three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. The Nevada Constitution is the supreme law of the state.

nevada government

The Nevada Executive Branch is headed by the Governor who serves a four-year term. The Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer, and Controller are also elected to four-year terms.

The Nevada Legislature is the state legislature. The Legislature is a bicameral body, consisting of the Nevada Assembly, and the Nevada Senate. Each of the state’s 63 counties is represented in the Legislature.

The Nevada Judicial Branch is headed by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is the highest in the state. The Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate court. The District Courts are the trial courts of general jurisdiction.

The Constitution establishes the Nevada Bill of Rights which guarantees certain rights and freedoms to all state citizens. These rights include freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and the right to bear arms. The Nevada Legislature has the power to pass laws to protect these rights.

The government is responsible for the welfare of its citizens. It provides for the education of its children, the protection of its citizens from crime, and the maintenance of public order. The state is committed to the principles of equal opportunity and nondiscrimination. Nevada also recognizes the right of its citizens to own and use the property.

Government of Nevada State

Official Name: Nevada

Governor: Steve Sisolak

Contact: Contact the governor

Main Address: State Capitol Building
101 N. Carson Street
Carson City, NV, 89701

Phone Number: 1-775-684-5670

Nevada State Agencies

Attorney General

Consumer Protection Offices

Corrections Department

Education Department

Emergency Management Agency

Election Office

Motor Vehicle Offices

Surplus Property Sales

Travel and Tourism

Social Services